Reliable global security network


Increase your competitive edge with real-time data


Innovate and collaborate for ultimate productivity



Deploy the full force of cloud technology


Enhanced, ad-free, user experience.
– Register accounts with your business domain name.
– Seamless collaboration with other applications allows for in-app communications and synchronisation.
– Intelligent analytics.

Google Drive

– Store, share, and access files in a centralised, secure space.
– Manage storage requirements cost-effectively.
– Collaborate efficiently with automated version control.
– Third-party app integration ability.

Docs, Sheets and Slides

– Word processing, Presentation and Spreadsheet software.
– Internet-based though downloadable for offline working.
– Automatically saves to Google Drive.
– Can edit content in external software.
– Real-time commenting.


– Online chat and videoconferencing solution.
– Communicate within G Suite ecosystem.
– Invite potential of <25 people.
– Screen sharing capabilities.
– Google Drive integration.

Google Calendar

– Shared online calendar, automatically updates.
– Send email invitations and receive analytics.
– Integration with CRM and PM solutions e.g. Dynamics 365.
– Adopted for Mobile.


– Evernote Alternative
– Secure feature for notes, reminders, and informal collaboration.
– Ability to be shared.
– Automatically syncs with devices.

G Suite Admin Console

– User Management.
– Device Management.
– Configuration of security settings.
– Add custom domains.
– Enable features.
– Set restrictions.


– View, edit and manage tasks on the go, from any device
– Manage tasks created in Gmail or Calendar on the web from your mobile device
– Edit details about any task as your work progresses


How Force 12 can help

Transforming your workforce can be smooth and easy with a little planning. You can enjoy an easy process with our help to architect your deployment, having investigated and captured your business requirements.

Your G-Suite deployment can then be managed successfully and as your deployment is initiated, your team will receive the training and support they need to flourish with their new flexible productivity suite.


Simple, flexible pricing

Google’s pricing structure is flexible and affordable, allowing you to scale your service as your business grows

Our pricing is transparent. It includes common migration requirements, so there are no hidden costs.

The key difference in packages is the additional security features that are supported on the higher package.

These prices are for 10-50 seats.

If you have more or less than that we can still help, get in touch for a personalised quote.


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