Dropbox Business was designed to propel teamwork to new heights.


The software includes a safe space for collaboration and sharing of assets. Security features are rich and live support comes as standard.


Utilise Dropbox Business to empower your organisation to grow without limits, whilst maintaining authority over company information and user activity.


Proof & Co-Author without barriers


Use effective tools such as; @mentions to tag individuals within a file, comment for feedback, and send invitations prompting real-time collaboration.

Create central workspaces within a folder so that critical information, such as onboarding procedures, department goals etc, are accessible quickly, by everyone.

Share files to external members of the organisation, even if they are not Dropbox users. Use password protection and expiration dates when sharing files externally; all view information is displayed so that tabs can be kept.


The DBX platform empowers teams to utilise the best of the market’s solutions and tools, enabling seamless and secure collaboration.

Dropbox integrates with over 300,000 applications ranging from accounting software to productivity suites, including Microsoft Office 365, and G Suite.

Gain more information on application integration here.

File Storage & Online Backup

File amendments automatically update on every device that is paired to your account.

Dropbox Business integrates with iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows devices. Dropbox automatically backs up all files and maintains 120 days of deletion and version history recovery, which can be received without needed assistance from an IT team.

All files are visible on desktop, yet saved in the cloud, meaning they can be downloaded as required.


Dropbox Business includes the ability to create and manage members by generating user lists, efficiently allow new employees access to folders and files. Gain clarity in how data is shared through in-depth audit logs. Refined filtering and enhanced search facilitate the ability to execute targeted investigations.


Employ two-step verification to ensure user accounts are effectively protected. Single sign-on can be used with an existing identity provider such as Azure Active Directory to facilitate secure access.

Set passwords and expiry dates to shared links. Admins can authorise team access, and control external sharing capabilities. Accounts can be suspended and remotely wiped by admins in the instance of a stolen or lost device.



How Force 12 can help


Transforming your workforce can be smooth and easy with a little planning. You can enjoy an easy process with our help to architect your deployment, having investigated and captured your business requirements.


Your Dropbox Business deployment can then be managed successfully and as your deployment is initiated, your team will receive the training and support they need to flourish with their new flexible, secure workspace.


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